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Nebraska Square & Round Dance Caller Association
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Mike Hogan became involved in square dancing for a different reason than most people. His reason was that he wanted to date Denise. Her parents were square dancers and cuers in Omaha. Denise was a square dancer and he believed, rightly so, that learning to dance would give him a leg up on the competition. What he discovered was number one, that he could date Denise, and number two, that he loved the activity as well!!!

Mike started calling square dances in 1976. Like every other caller, he started by calling for local clubs in the Omaha area. He and Denise became club caller for the Boots & Belles team club, the UNO Square Mavericks and the Merry Mixers. He and Denise started a Plus club called Diamond Squares which existed for 14 years. When Merry Mixers and Swinging Squares merged to form the Amazing 8's, he shared the club caller duties with Lanny Weaklend. Through the years, Mike has traveled extensively around the United States calling dances and festivals, as his work schedule would allow.

In 1987, Earl and JoAnn Lewis invited Mike and Denise, and John and Bev Chunka to continue the Spring Fling at Lake Okoboji, IA. The weekend had previously been run by Bob Yerington of Muscatine, IA. The Spring Fling is still a vibrant and active weekend to this day. Denise is the one that keeps all the registrations and negotiations in line to make the weekend run smoothly.

In 2001, Mike and Denise, joined Lanny and Carol Weaklend on the staff at the Summer Weekend Get-A-Way in Johnson, NE for over 20 years. Mike was a frequent guest caller at the Sioux Empire Hoedown in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Mike and Denise were also instrumental in starting the Memorial Day weekend in Omaha in 2014.

Mike has been a leader in the square dance activity, both locally and nationally. Locally, he has been the President of the Omaha Callers and Cuers Association and President of the Nebraska Callers and Cuers Association. He continues in the position to this day.

After learning about multi-cycle square dance lessons at a CALLERLAB convention, Mike and Lanny Weaklend started the program in Omaha in 1998. New classes started four times a year instead of just in September. Mike co-taught this program for 20 years.

In 2005, Mike was instrumental in founding Square Dance Omaha, an organization to promote square dancing in the Omaha metropolitan area. This group promoted through advertising, public dance demonstrations, parades, and party dances for non-dancers. Mike remained on the board for 13 years.

Nationally, Mike joined CALLERLAB in 1986. He has attended 20 CALLERLAB conventions and received the Quarter Century Certificate (25 years of calling) in 2001. He has held numerous positions on various committees within the organization. He is a member of the following Committees: Basic/Mainstream, Plus, SSD, Public Relations, Social Connections, Ways and Means, and Marketing.

Mike has served in the following positions:

" Vice Chair of the Marketing Committee - 2004-2007
" Chairman for the Marketing Committee - 2007-2020
" Board of Governors Member - 2013 to present
" Executive Committee Member 2018-2021
" Vice Chair of the Board of Governors 2019-2021

Mike is a Certified Square Dance Caller through CALLERLAB.

Mike is a recording artist for Blue Star Records and has a number of popular singing calls to his credit. He also is a contributor to "ASD - Square Dance Magazine," our national square dance publication. He is currently contributing a monthly article on marketing square dancing to the public.

Mike's passion is marketing square dancing. He has done numerous presentations on the topic around the country, and at National Square Dance Conventions. He has written a marketing manual that can be used by callers and dancers to promote the activity. Throughout the years, Denise has supported Mike in his passion, and has been there for him as he tackles new projects. Together they make a strong team of square dance advocates.

Hall Of Fame Members

Harold & Lil Bausch - inducted 2007 Bill & Phyllis Speidel - inducted 2007
Ernie & Naomi Gross - inducted 2008 Les & Doris Henkel - inducted 2008
Wes & Dorothy Mohling - inducted 2009 Ed & Shirley Claflin - inducted 2009
Jerry & Glenda Wright - inducted 2010 Ed & Phyllis Spurgeon - inducted 2010
Mal & Shirley Minshall - inducted 2010 Orvile & Arra Pittam - inducted 2011
John & Bev Chunka - inducted 2012 Jim & Carol Tucker - inducted 2015
Jerry Junck - inducted 2018     Lanny & Carol Weaklend - inducted 2021
Mike & Denise Hogan - inducted 2022