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Official publication of the
Nebraska State Square & Round Dance Association
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    What you can do to help.....

Information to send
      Send information 
      Send information 
      Send information

      Pick special club dances to be held within the federation to highlight.
          Most federations will have one or two clubs hosting "festival" dances or
               "special dances in the two months of the issue.
          Use guest callers to highlight a dance evening out of the ordinary.
Clubs using only guest callers must realize all dances may not receive                     publicity.
Be sure to include the town and state for out-of-state callers.
          Use caution when reporting past dances.
A special experience may warrant reporting the events of the dance,
                   numbers attending, new dancers responding, etc.
Be careful not to create a history report as a column.
               Not all dances are special and may not be included.
          Regular dances may not be "special" and may not be featured.  
Use special theme dances to highlight a club

      Highlight special exhibition dances, party dances, recruiting efforts, etc..
       Share ideas with other dancers throughout the state
           Highlight special club efforts for showcasing your dance activities

     Anniversaries, birthdays (special), etc.
     Recognition of accomplishments
     Outside interests-school, service clubs, 
     Awards from employment, retirements 

Club information-special events, new officers, recognitions, etc.

The feature article----
      Reader identification
      Strong visual support
      Remember the six key words-Why?, How?, What?, Who?, When?, Where?
Write the article for the time period the reader will be reading (i.e. avoid writing  
          about a dance coming on April 23 for presentation in the May/June issue.)

Regular columns 
      "From the President's Chair"--offers the association president a place to express 
           opinions or observations of dance activities.
      "Off the Record"- an editor's point of view
      Federation reports-report of federation and club activities from each of the six
          federations. Often the editor may extract a special event or dance for featuring on
          the federation page or in another area of the newsletter. All clubs have activities that
          can be newsworthy. Try to network with someone in all parts of the federation. It is
          really great if every club can have a short paragraph or two.
      "Caller News"-offers space for the state callers' association to express opinion or
          disseminate news for callers. 
"Around the Association"- a quick review of special club dances which may or may
          not have been featured elsewhere. Usually a special caller or special event dance.
          Not all dances will be included. 
"Roundup Classifieds"-- offers an opportunity for those involved in the square dance
          activity to spread the word about items "for sale", services provided, and a business
          directory. This is available for a broad variety of headings. Use your imagination.

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