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Regular Dose Of Dance

It's True. Whether you're swirling across the floor to a waltz or do-si-does to the commands of a Square Dance Caller, you're getting exercise - and probably having fun too.

DANCING PAIRS YOU UP WITH MORE THAN A PARTNER - From burning calories to socializing with friends, dancing offers these health benefits. STRONG BONES - The side to side movements of many dances strengthen your weight bearing bones (tibia, fibula and femur) and can help prevent or slow loss of bone mass (osteoporosis).

CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING - Regular exercise can lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and an improved cholesterol profile.

Experts typically recommend 30 to 40 minutes of continuous activity three to four times a week. Dancing may not provide all the conditioning you need, but it can help. The degree of cardiovascular conditioning depends on how vigorously you dance, how long you dance continuously and how regularly you do it.

CALORIES - Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. During a half hour of sustained dancing you can burn between 200 and 400 calories.

One factor that determines how many calories you'll expend is distance. In one study, researchers attached pedometers to square dancers and found that each person covered nearly five miles in a single evening.

REHABILITATION - If you're recovering from heart or knee surgery, movement may be a part of your rehabilitation. Square dancing is a positive alternative to aerobic dance or jogging. (See your doctor first.) SOCIABILITY - Dancing contains a social component that solitary fitness endeavors don't. It gives you an opportunity to develop strong social ties which contribute to self-esteem and a positive outlook. A Square Dancer is just a friend that you haven't met yet.

FAMILY FUN - Square Dancing is for the entire family. We don't allow any alcohol or drugs at our dances. There are currently dancers ranging from 8 years old to 95 years old dancing and having a great time doing it. Square Dancing Promotional Video

For information on classes contact any club, caller, cuer or dancer listed on this web site.