Page 6 - Roundup Nov Dec 2021
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Eastern Federation

                                          Amazing 8's  Nov 13 with Doug Phillips calling an Amy Swift cues their
                                          "Turkey Trot" dance. "Be Thankful" is the theme for their November 27
                                          dance with Darwin Barker and Ron Stairs. Lanny Weaklend calls the "It's
                                          Almost Christmas" dance on Dec 11 with Amy Swift.

                                          Belles N Beaus: Mike Hogan and Jim Tucker call and cue the November 5
                                          "Salute to Veterans" dance. Allen Hahn calls the November 19 dance
                                          while Ron Stairs cues. December 3 has Darwin Barker calling  and Ron
                                          Stairs cueing. "Farewell to Dean" as we dance to the very last dance
                                          Dean Dederman will call, on December 17 with Ron Stair cueing the

                                          Heartland Singles: November 2 Iowa caller Barry Peck is joined by his
                                          wife, Carla doing the rounds.  Dean Dean Dederman calls their Novem-
                                          ber 16 dance and Mike Schrant cues the rounds. Lanny Weaklend will
                                          and cue the November 30, December 14 and December 28 dances.

                                          River City Squares: "5 O'clock Somewhere" is the theme for their Novem-
                                          ber 12 dance with Darwin Barker calling and Mike Schrant cueing. Iowa
                                          Hall of Fame caller Tom Manning is in town for the November 26 dance,
                                          he will be joined by Amy Swift. NOTE: You can get $1 off the dance cost if
                                          you donate 2 cans of food. "Winter Wonderland" is the theme for their
                                          December 10 dance with Lanny Weaklend and Mike Schrant.

                                          Crossfire Squares: Lanny Weaklend calls and cues the November 9 and
                                          23 and December 7 and 21 dances.

                                          Co-Op Rounds: Call Mike Schrant 402-933-4676 to confirm active dates.

                                          Loess Hills Squares: Iowa caller Tom Manning calls the November 6
                                          dance with Amy Swift on the rounds. Kenard Swift is joined by Lyle Wa-
                                          terhouse for the November 20 dance they will be joined by Amy Swift.
                                          Dean Dederman calls their Dec 4 dance along with Amy. Lyle Water-
                                          house is alone for the December 18 dance also with Amy.

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