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Northeast Federation

                 Northeast Federation – Submitted by Rick & Mary Christensen

                 Fall is Here!  Both on the calendar and in the weather, though the forecast for the beginning of Nov. sounds a
                 lot closer to winter.

                 Northeast Federation sponsored square dance lessons have been lots of fun. 13 dancers are either learning
                 brand new or anew.  The sessions will end the third week in November.  Jerry Junck has been the primary in-
                 structor with help from Mary Channer-Paul.  On Nov. 15  the ‘lessoners’ will be recognized for their dedica-
                 tion & learning.

                 October 10, 2021 The Northeast Federation Fall Dance called by Bill Henke and cued by Connie Henke from
                 the Rapid City, SD area was a great time!  Approximately 50 dancers and spectators gathered for “Apple Pickin’
                 Time” at the Laurel City Auditorium. A meal consisting of Swiss steak and fixin’s catered by Jerry’s Hilltop fol-
                 lowed the dance.  Bags of apples and free passes were given as door prizes.  Between tips auctioneer Randy
                 Gubbels auctioned off the 13 different pies that had been baked and donated.

                 Just a thought about picking and choosing who you dance to.  If you truly want to square dance then avoiding
                 or bad-mouthing callers is a quick road to no dances anywhere.  We believe all the callers available to us are of
                 fine quality. Each brings a different perspective to a dance which makes it fun. Everyone has favorites, no
                 problem, but all callers need our support if we want square dancing to continue.

                 Hope to see you around a square soon!

                 Federation dances coming up include(always helps to check before traveling of course):

                 Town Twirlers – Laurel
                   Nov. 14 with Chuck Veldhuizen calling; Then Nov. 28 brings Bryon Bush comes a-calling; no dances are sched-
                 uled for December.  All dances are 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

                 Single Wheelers – Norfolk
                 November 2 Mary Channer-Paul is calling; November 16 features Bob Furr calling; December 7 Wayne Lo-
                 renzen does the honors; December 21 will bring Chuck Veldhuizen to the mic for the Christmas dance & baked
                 potatoes.  All dances are 7:30-9:30 p.m.

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