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                                      “The Roundup”

                                                Nebraska State Square & Round Dance Association

               Inside this Issue                              March—April 2019
           State & Federation
           Officers                                 President’s Message by Kenard & Amy Swift
           3       Important News                                          proceeds from the New Year’s Eve
           4             Eastern                       As I sit here       Dance go to Square Dance Omaha).
           Federation        5 Note                    thinking about      Just saying.
           from Caller           6                     what to say in this
           Insurance Report           6                article several         NEW DANCERS: Many clubs are
           Central Federation        7                                     introducing new people to this
           Southwest Federation   7                    things come to      activity. I have been hearing some
           Nebraska State             8                mind.               very disturbing things being said to
           National Convention    9      The Sweetheart Dance in Omaha on   new dancers. There have been some
           Problem for Seniors    10   February 10  was a good dance. I feel   comments made to the new people
           Northeast Federation   11   as do many others that it could have had   about their ability to dance and it has
           Easter Parade              11   better attendance. But all in all, a good   caused them to leave this very
           National Application  12                                        enjoyable activity. I don’t care how
                                   time was had by those who were there,
           National Convention   13   as did those who attended the New    long you have been dancing or how
           The Back Nine            14                                     good you THINK you are. Everybody
                                   Year’s Eve dance. The weather for both
           Western Federation     15   was not the greatest but there were at
           2019 State Weekend   15   least twice as many at the Sweetheart   and I do mean everybody will lose
           Callers and Cuers        16                                     track of where they are and break
           Callers Clinic              17   dance as were at the New Year’s Eve   down a square. We ALL started out as
           “Sweetheart” Dance    18   dance. If the weather kept you away   beginners and learned by our mistakes
           What’s Cooking          19   from the New Year’s Eve or the     and floor time. Well if you don’t like
                                   Sweetheart dance that’s fine. But if your   dancing with new dancers then don’t
                                   reason for not attending is the reason I   get in a square with them. BUT if a
                                   heard, then that is unacceptable. I have   new dancer joins your square DO
              The next state       said this many times and I will continue   NOT leave that square, that is one of
            meeting will be held   to harp on it. . . If you want to keep   the rules we all must abide by. Dance
            on Saturday, May 4,    square dancing you have to support the   the tip and when it’s over, thank them
            2019 at 4:00 p.m. in   clubs not the callers (“I have heard
            the Senior Center in   dancers say “I don’t like that caller, so   with a smile and hand shake like you
            York, Nebraska.                                                would with any other dancer. Don’t be
                                   I’m not going to that dance.”, you can   rude and insult the new dancer by
               All dancer are      tolerate a caller for 2 ½ hours) and    making derogatory comments about
            invited and encouraged   activities that promote it. By your lack   their dancing. That is the quickest way
            to attend the meeting.    of support for the New Year’s Eve    to make them not return. Callers can
               Ken Marks will be   dance it appears you don’t want to      only teach the square dance moves to
            the caller for the     support Square Dance Omaha (since the   the lessoners, they cannot make them
            evening dance at
            7:30 p. m.
                                                   Happy Easter
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