Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas - Handouts


Square dancers wear clothes that are, above all, clean and comfortable. Because square dancing is a form of exercise, it's easy to perspire. Instead of trying to cover up odors with a heavy dose of cologne, a shower and deodorant is a much better way to achieve that fresh clean smell.

Dressing up for a special dance can be fun and add to the enjoyment of square dancing. You will see many styles on a square dance floor from the longer prairie-type skirts to the short petticoated dresses. Any mention of "full attire required" means that ladies will be expected to wear some sort of dress/skirt, men will be expected to wear long sleeves and that any attire, as always, should be neat and clean.

Unlike many other dance forms, we dance in a group of eight which means constant interaction with a variety of people. With this in mind there are a few specific cautions:

  • Due to the high interaction with others, our activity prohibits drinking prior or during the dance.
  • Bare backs, bare midriffs, tank tops, gym wear and any underwear worn as outerwear are not appreciated. Along with this is a caution to the ladies who wear dresses - Make sure that what shows when you twirl is decent enough for anyone (especially a child) that may be sitting on the sidelines. Because of our forearm turns, men (and women) who get especially wet on the arms might consider long sleeves for the comfort of others.
  • Because square dancing is interaction with other people, for safety's sake we do not wear items such as jewelry with sharp edges, dangling jewelry that might catch on someone, spike heels, hats. For your own safety you may not wish to wear open toe shoes.

For the Traveling Dancer
Not all areas have adopted a relaxed dress code. When traveling it is best to assume that "full attire" will be required.