Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas

Themes for Dances

Theme nights can be inexpensively done with some initial preplanning. Give your members find to think of (and then find) items that would be of use for decorating. Leaving this stage until the last minute only makes everyone feel rushed and pressured.


Whale Night - Everything over-sized or nautical. Don't forget to check around your pool supplies.
Sadie Hawkins Night - Girls ask the guys to dance every tip or selected tips. Generally thought of as "hillbilly" so country-living decor is perfect.
Falling Leaf Night - Easy to decorate for during fall. Place leaves on tables, in corners on the floor, all along the edge of the stage, anywhere except the actual dance floor.
Recipe Swap Night - with reduced admission for those bringing three or more.
Pattern Exchange Night - Around the same as above.
Mystery Night - could be a mystery caller, or a puzzle game to solve at break.
Singing in the Rain Night - Lots of umbrellas. Dangling tinsel or metallic ribbon can be made to simulate the look of rain.
Glove Night - Best at an inappropriate time of the year. Door prize to the best gloves and a fifty cent charge to everyone without gloves and hand them a pair of disposable gloves. One tip should be a "must wear" tip.
Jail House Rock
Outhouse Stomp
Prom Night - Set up a special background and offer photos (maybe by a professional!) taken of individuals, couples, or groups.