Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas

Non-Dancer Promotion

Thank you cards
Cards states: "The customer you just served is a square dancer. It has been nice doing business with you." It is suggested that each time a dancer makes a purchase or pays for a service they leave a card. This is a simple and effective way of acquainting business people with square dancing. It also might be a good opening thrust prior to announcing square dance classes.

Personal Invitations
For a one-night stand. An attractive and rather formal printed card (5 x 3 1/2) reads: "You are cordially invited to attend a Square Dance Party (no experience necessary) at _______ as guest of ________ . RSVP phone _______.

These are handed out by dancers to their non dancing friends. The formality of the card makes it appear as a very special invitation. This is reinforced by the request for an RSVP which, incidentally, will help you plan on the amount of refreshments to have on hand.

Give five of these invitations to club members and encourage them to follow up a few days after the mailing.