Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas

Some Thoughts on Door Prizes
Too often the trend has gotten to be simply how many gifts can we give out at a dance. As if the dancing alone isn't worth coming for. Door prizes aren't a bad thing, they should just be used as something "special" and not something "standard" that becomes expected at every dance. The maxium door prizes should be three as after that the "losers" just seem to stick out more.

"Surprise is Still the Best Gimmick Going
(From the pages of some old Sets in Order)

Use pure "surprise" as the frosting on every program cake. Build up to it. Let your imagination run wild. Hand out some different and distinctive door prize tickets at the door but keep what you're giving a way a big secret. Could be something quite ridiculous. Tickets could be blank sheets of paper with no explanation given at at a certain time each dancer will be asked to write his own name and insert the paper in a box for the drawing. Even the drawing could be made different if a decorated "lucky stick" shaped like a boomerang with some sticky gum on one end where used to pick each out of the box, held aloft. On a special party dance night "anything goes." Use a cow bell to get attention. Make frequent announcements, some of the "commericals" to sell ridiculous products associated with square dancing, or to extol the virtues of someone present in a humorous way.

Want to evoke some wild speculation thoughout half an evening's dance as to what the sign above is all about? It's a wonderful conversation piece. Along about the fifth dance, or fifth tip (you decide), stop the dance and pick the set closest to the center of the hall. Tell the No. 2 lady and the No. 4 gent that they have just won the evening's doorprize. Explain the hieroglyphics - 5th dance, CENTer set. No. 3 lady and No. 4 man. Next time change the signs to keep 'em guessing. Use a string of numbers only, and make them suit any preconceived pattern. This is more or less a one-time gimmick, however.