Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas


If you've already attended these lessons and are coming to help with the newcomers.... THEN YOU ARE AN ANGEL!

Angels are a very important part of square dancing as they provide the newer dancers an example that they can see and assure themselves that they are doing right. It also gives newer dancers someone they can ask questions of (during breaks) when they feel a bit shy about asking the instructor.

Those attending as an angel do not need to pay for the beginners class but there are a few rules that go with being an angel:

  1. Always make sure that the new dancers are all in squares first It is best to try and split couples of angels up so that there is only one couple per square. If you get into a square that has other angels then bring it to the caller's attention immediately and he will direct those that need to change places.
  2. No talking allowed!! It is real easy to start explaining a call in a square when you see a dancer that has a questions. If the answer is more than two words you are better off to tell them to "ask the instructor" or to raise your own hand and ask the instructor to go over it again. There can only be one instructor at a time and if you are talking then the class member cannot hear the instructions.
  3. Partner sharing. Sometimes there is an overabundance of men or women and your partner (or you) may be the only one needed. We will try to iron out these spots so that you will be able to dance with your partner most of the evening but it will happen from time to time so please be patient and kind.

If you wish to dance the entire evening with your partner then you will need to pay the regular door fee.