Square Dance Nebraska - Ideas

So You Want To Be A Square Dance Angel?
An angel is a kind spirit that gently and quietly guides you
while allowing you to make some mistakes on your own.

Welcome to the realms of Square Dance Angels. We are a special kind of angel. Most of our work revolves around being a goodwill ambassador to the activity of Square Dancing. Mainly, we show by example and are always nearby with a gleam in our eye and a smile on our lips and a kind word between tips. The guidelines are simple and we are sure that after you review the requirements, you too will be able to don the wings of a Square Dance Angel!

  1. The way to encourage class members to not dance with the same partner all the time and to square up quickly is by example. Ask a class member to be your partner and square up quickly. If any students end up without a partner you can always give him/her your spot before the tip starts.

  2. While everyone is squared up there is only one instructor. Offer a quiet hand or motion silently but never speak in a square, as the student can only listen to one person at a time. If you see serious difficulty in your square, raise your hand and ask the instructor to go over it again without pointing out who is having the trouble. Accept it as being your difficulty if necessary.

  3. While everyone is squared up pretend that you are a beginner too. Do only what is being taught at the moment. Don't get ahead of calls just because you know what is coming. Do not become the most important person in the square.

  4. While dancing with students only do what the instructor tells you to do. Do not introduce shortcuts to the students. Break to a Line instead of Slide to a Line, a DoSaDo is a no hands call, Promenade with only the hand holds the instructor teaches.

  5. During break time, if a student asks you how to do a certain call be absolutely sure you know it by its definition first. If you don't, take the student to the instructor and have the instructor explain it to the both of you.

  6. During break time visit with the students. Offer lots of smiles and humorous stories about how you felt when you first started square dancing.